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Yellowhead Highway through British Columbia

Saturday, August 4, 2007

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We found out yesterday that it is a 3-day holiday weekend in Canada. We have asked several people what holiday it is and finally someone today tells us that it is a civic holiday with no reason except to have a holiday. Odd, but having a civic holiday simply to have a 3-day weekend in August sounds like a good idea to me :-) Maybe we'll find out Monday if there is a different reason for the holiday weekend, but considering the number of people who responded 'I don't know' when we asked what holiday Monday is, I think it is simply an excuse to have a holiday in August--great idea, Canada!

Today is another beautiful, sunny day. We pack up, drive a few miles and then stop to take pictures of the suspension bridge that we drove across yesterday and today to get to & from Ksan Campground.
It is a one-lane suspension bridge that was built in 1931. It traverses a very deep canyon. We were a little nervous yesterday when we first saw the bridge, especially when we saw the sign that said "One Truck at a Time".
I have no idea how many feet deep the canyon is and the pictures can't really show the depth, but it is definately a long way down from the bridge to the river below.



We take lots of pictures of the bridge and the old church on the other side of the road. Then we're on our way down the Yellowhead Highway (Hwy 16).

We're less than an hour down the road when we see a lot of people stopped at a roadside rest with cameras and binoculars. So of course we stop. There is a narrowing of the river here and there are rapids (Moricetown Canyon), but I can't figure out why everyone is here.
So I ask someone and they explain that the local tribe fishes for salmon here using their old methods of nets and harpoons.
A few minutes later we watch one of the natives use his 20 feet long harpoon/pole to catch a large salmon.
It was so interesting! We watched two fishermen catch several fish this way. They lift up their 20 ft pole that has a large hook on the end, place it down into the water, lift it up and down several times, and in a surprisingly short time they snag a fish on the hook. We watch them for about 30 minutes. A great stop!




We continue our scenic drive through British Columbia til we get to Smithers. We stop for diesel and Joe somehow talks us into stopping at McDonalds for lunch. After lunch we continue driving til our next stop, Houston. Houston's claim to fame is the world's largest flycasting fishing rod. We take a few pics, talk to some locals and look at the stuffed grizzly at the visitors' center.

The ride between Houston and Vinderhoof, where we stop for the night, is okay, but not as scenic as this morning. We stop at Dave's Campground for the night. This is a nice park. Not only does it have cable TV and wifi, but a miniature golf course with real grass and a gigantic checker board.


The park has a lot of RVs by evening; many of us heading south after visiting Alaska.

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